Job Details

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Setup and operate various process equipment per standard procedures.
  • Install molds with needed auxiliary equipment in order to ensure press is ready for start-up.
  • Troubleshoot new mold tryouts.
  • Establish molding parameters using applicable methods, including Scientific Injection Molding® techniques as appropriate.
  • Maintain safe work area.
  • Move assigned work orders into first position using ERP system.
  • Perform required maintenance to molds that are currently running.
  • Measure and record process parameters during molding operation.
  • Complete all required documentation required for assigned tasks.
  • Assist Manufacturing Associates and Material Handlers in the Molding Department as necessary.
  • Perform preventive maintenance on manufacturing equipment as assigned.
  • Assist with quality and productivity improvement processes as assigned.
  • Assist Quality Engineering with process validation activities as required.
  • Complete proper shut-down of machinery when production run is complete.
  • Remove mold from press when production run is complete.

Organizational Relationships:

  • All responsibilities outlined in the Range of Responsibilities and any other assigned Responsibility identified by the Molding Manager.

Experience and/or Educational Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent and five (5) years of job related experience in plastic injection molding. An Associate’s degree may be substituted for up to 50 percent of this requirement.
  • Working knowledge of plastic injection molding principles including Scientific Injection Molding®
  • Basic understanding of plastic materials including physical characteristics and terminology.
  • Technical math skills.
  • Working knowledge of injection molding machines and ancillary equipment (e.g., Material Dryers, Thermolators, etc.


  • All training courses as identified on the Training Matrix must be complete 90 days after hire.
  • Any other training identified by the Molding Manager.