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A Culture of Innvovation

As we continue to grow, our team remains at the forefront. Medbio isn’t just a contract manufacturer. We would not be where we are without all of our team members working together to foster growth and innovation. Our team is driven by our mission and vision and fueled by their passion to help others. 


We are always looking for passionate people to join us, learn more about our current opportunities:

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision, & Values are the foundation of our culture.

A culture that is defined by our commitment to our customers, team, and communities. 


We will provide premier and innovative manufacturing solutions to our customers in the medical and biotech industries, while empowering our employees and providing stewardship in our community.


Working together to be our customers’ first choice.











Ensuring Sustainability for our planet & Inclusivity for our people

Medbio is a proud member of Protective Industries. Protective Industries is committed to going above and beyond in helping our people and our planet.

We recognize the pivotal role we play in shaping a brighter, greener future for generations to come. Sustainability is a core value ingrained in every facet of our operations. From our supply chain to our manufacturing processes, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing our positive impact on communities worldwide.

you can depend on

At Medbio, we recognize that sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s the responsible path forward in a rapidly evolving world. As our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges, we have a crucial role to play in mitigating their impact. We prioritize sustainability for a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

In recognition for our efforts, we received the bronze rating from EcoVadis, the world’s leading provider of business sustainability ratings. This rating places Medbio in the top 35% of companies across all industries. Scoring criteria include four fundamental categories: environment, ethics, labor and human rights, and sustainable procurement. 

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Medbio is a partner unlike any other.

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